Ridgeback Scoot 12" Balance Bikes


Scoot 12 - Blue

Scoot's perfectly proportioned 6061 aluminum frame provides the best fit for comfort and control. Scoot's rear hand brake provides an early understanding of how to safely slow down and stop.

  • Exciting new decal designs!
  • Lower profile acorn nuts on the axles!
  • Exact match touch-up paint included! (Please keep out of reach of children)
  • Free assembly tools included: 5/6mm Allen wrench and multi wrench for wheels
  • Upgraded premium hand-brake lever with alloy body, now positioned on the right side per US standards
  • Angled valve stems for easy inflation/top-off of air in tires
  • Upgraded tires with all-terrain tread pattern can be used on any surface
  • Large moint handwipe included with every bike for hand cleaning after assembly
  • Optional WeeDropper™ Lowering Kit for reducing minimum seat height from 14" down to 13"